Economic Impact Analysis - Tourism

Tourism Tasmania has produced seven economic modelling reports for Tasmania's four regional tourism organisations.

These reports are built on the latest available datasets sourced from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and Tourism Research Australia.

The datasets have been used to detail the economic contributions of tourism alongside estimates for other industry sectors.

While these reports will be used at a local level, Tourism Tasmania will continue to use the Tourism Satellite Accounts produced by Tourism Research Australia to report on tourism’s economic contribution at a state level.


Two sets of reports are provided below. The reports in the left column were prepared in May-June 2013 using data from the 2010-2011 Tourism Satellite Accounts (TSA). In July 2013 the Tourism Satellite Accounts were updated using 2011-2012 data, and subsequently we have produced an update for each report in the form of a summary.

Full Report: 2010-2011 dataUpdates: 2011-2012 data
King Island Report [PDF 1.9MB]Updated REMPLAN Summary - King Island [PDF 247KB]
North West Report [PDF 1.85MB]Updated REMPLAN Summary - North West [PDF 248KB]
West Coast Report [PDF 1.77MB]Updated REMPLAN Summary - West Coast [PDF 226KB]
Flinders Island Report [PDF 1.8MB]Updated REMPLAN Summary - Flinders Island [PDF 247KB]
Northern Report [PDF 2.07MB]Updated REMPLAN Summary - Northern [PDF 225KB]
East Coast Report [PDF 1.9MB]Updated REMPLAN Summary - East Coast [PDF 247KB]
Southern Report [PDF 2.02B]Updated REMPLAN Summary - Southern [PDF 248KB]


31 July 2013