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Tasmania's tourism industry and others can engage with Tourism Tasmania and participate in some of our marketing activities to promote the state.

Our role

Tourism Tasmania is the Tasmanian Government’s tourism marketing agency. Our role is to create demand for travel to Tasmania by connecting people culturally and emotionally to the state through domestic and international marketing programs that activate the Tasmanian tourism brand.  For more information see About Us

Regional tourism organisations

Regional tourism in Tasmania is based around four regional tourism organisations that cover the north west and west coast, the southern region, the northern region and the east coast. Tourism Tasmania supports these regional tourism organisations, encouraging a strong regional tourism sector capable of undertaking industry development, capacity-building and tourism marketing programs for their region.

Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW)

ATDW Online is a national tourism and events database that provides content to a number of Australia-wide tourism websites, regional tourism organisation websites, apps and information centres. We encourage you to add your business to the ATDW and keep it updated as it will ensure your business is featured on the Discover Tasmania website and many others. Registering your business is free. See ATDW-Online for more information.

Tourism images

Tourism Tasmania has an extensive collection of images and videos featuring Tasmania’s landscapes, tourism products and experiences. Images are available free of charge to the media and tourism industry for use in marketing Tasmania as a travel destination. You will need to register to browse Tourism Tasmania’s Visual Library.

If you have great images or videos of your tourism business, product or experience and you’re happy to share them for use and distribution in our marketing activity (subject to a copyright agreement) then contact

Social media

Tourism Tasmania’s social media platforms stimulate positive conversations about Tasmania and are a great way for locals, visitors and the tourism industry to share their Tasmanian experiences. We look for videos, images and captions that celebrate travel stories from Tasmania and showcase the beauty and variety of our state. You don't have to be a professional photographer or content creator to share your stories and participate.

We encourage you to share your Come Down for Air moments on your social media channels. Tag @Tasmania or include the hashtag #DiscoverTasmania on Instagram, Twitter or to the Discover Tasmania Facebook page. See our social media page for more on how to get involved and our social media terms of use.

Industry updates

Tourism Tasmania runs a monthly industry update session in which local tourism operators brief Tourism Tasmania staff on their product or experience. These sessions are a great opportunity for new businesses or existing operators with new offerings to share information with our teams. If you are interested in booking a slot, please contact

Public relations

Our public relations program supports and broadens the reach of Tourism Tasmania’s marketing messages through positive editorial and brand advocacy across a range of traditional, broadcast and digital channels.

Tourism Tasmania delivers news and information to domestic and overseas markets media via regular newsletters, media kits, and media releases.

The PR team are always on the lookout for new story ideas, research and information and images to share through our press releases, media kits and ongoing press office relations.

Tourism industry operators can engage in this program by sending new product information and images to the PR team via email

International marketing

Tourism Tasmania has an active global presence and works with Tourism Australia to ensure Tasmania is well represented in their international marketing efforts. It also has an in-market presence in North America (incorporating United States and Canada), Hong Kong, China, Singapore and Europe (focusing on Germany, France and Switzerland).

For more information about global operations in Europe and North America, contact
For more information about global operations in China, Hong Kong and South-East Asia, contact
For all other markets or queries regarding Tourism Australia related programs, contact

Trade events

Tourism Tasmania, in partnership with Tourism Australia, participates in domestic and international trade shows and events to promote the state and Tasmanian tourism products.

For a full calendar of Tourism Australia trade events see Tourism Australia's corporate website.

Wholesale, retail and other travel sellers should see Trade events on our Tassie Trade website.

Tassie Specialist Program

The Tassie Specialist Program is a training program for committed travel sellers based in Australia who want to increase their understanding of all that Tasmania has to offer. For more information on our Tassie Specialist Program, visit our Tassie Trade website.

Marketing proposals

Tourism Tasmania welcomes cooperative marketing proposals from industry and stakeholders that align with our brand and strategy. Proposals will be assessed regularly by a panel of marketing specialists. For more information see Marketing Proposals.

Event partnerships

Tourism Tasmania recognises the value of events and festivals in promoting Tasmania and triggering visitation to the state. Tasmanian event organisers can apply to partner with Tourism Tasmania for marketing and promotional support. Visit our event support page for more information.

Industry news

Stay up-to-date on coming industry events, invitations and opportunities to market and distribute your product.

To subscribe to Tourism Talk, click subscribe then enter your email address.

Research and insights

We publish visitor statistics, consumer behaviour and market trend reports regularly in the research section of this website.

Production register

Professional photographers, videographers, copywriters or graphic designers interested in working with Tourism Tasmania can apply to join our production register. Tourism Tasmania engages contractors on an as needs basis with the demand for services varying. Tourism Tasmania does not guarantee minimum service level agreements. Expressions of interest are currently closed. Subscribe to our Tourism Talk newsletter for updates.