Industry Recovery

Information on the recovery of Tasmania’s visitor economy for the tourism and hospitality industry

The enduring partnership between industry and government, T21, has been activated to drive the recovery of Tasmania’s tourism and hospitality industry from COVID-19.

T21 will guide the industry as it rebuilds to once again be a valuable contributor to Tasmania’s economy, growing jobs for Tasmanians and benefits for regional communities. You can read more about the partnership, the T21 Visitor Economy Action Plan 2020-22 and the six month action plan Progress Report (July 2021) on the T21 Website.

The Premier’s Visitor Economy Advisory Committee is meeting regularly, supported by the T21 Steering Committee.

What you will find in this portal

  • COVID-19 Guidance
    Find official Tasmanian Government COVID-19 guidance and information for the tourism and hospitality industry including a checklist to ensure your business is COVID-19 safe.
  • Business assistance
    Access programs and resources to assist your businesses recover from the impacts of COVID-19.
  • Research and insights
    The Industry Research and Insights Update (November 2021) provides a summary of consumer, market, access and industry insights, providing a snapshot of the COVID-19 recovery scenario for Tasmania’s visitor economy.
  • Get involved in Tourism Tasmania activity
    Download industry toolkits to learn how you can leverage Tourism Tasmania’s campaigns in your business activities.