Production Register

Process for applications

In order to apply to join the register, you will need to fill in the application form [DOCX, 247.41 KB], which includes a creative assessment component, and provide the necessary supporting documents. Once complete, the application must be returned to

Applications for the Production Register will be open continuously to all content producers and assessed in rounds on a quarterly basis by an internal panel.

For applications to be assessed, all applicable information must be received. The creative assessment will be reviewed and if the panel deems that the response reflects the meaning of ‘Come Down For Air’ and represents the Tasmanian tourism brand, as depicted in the Brand Guidelines [PDF, 4508.01 KB], then the contractor will be added to the register.

The next round of applications will be assessed from 28 September 2021.

Guide to Application for Registration to Production Register [PDF, 254.19 KB]

Procuring from the Production Register

The majority of procurements through the Production Register will be made by direct source based on the skill set requirements for the job.

A skills matrix will be established on the approval of each contractor to the Production Register, detailing their skills and areas of specialty. This will be used to align the requirements from the internal creative briefs with suitable contractors. Quotes will be sought from suitable contractors and assessed based on availability of the contractor, value for money and budget.

If there are no suitable contractor/s on the Production Register, the Creative Team may source a suitable contractor external to the Production Register, ensuring that the contractor also completes the application to be approved as a provider on the Production Register Multi-use List.

This is in line with Treasurers Instructions for low value procurements up to $100,000.

A copy of the standard agreement used to procure services can be viewed here.

Individual procurements by contractor will be tallied and if the cumulative spend exceeds $100,000 then a contract agreement will be entered into should services still be required.

For any queries regarding the Production Register or the application process, please email