Blue Derby Pods Ride

Will Hodgman, Premier
Minister for Tourism, Hospitality and Events

29 April 2017

The new Blue Derby Pods Ride will further enhance Tasmania's reputation as a world class eco-tourism destination.

This shining new eco-tourism experience in the state's North East has been made possible by the Tasmanian Government's Expression of Interest process to attract sensitive and appropriate developments in our national parks and reserves.

And it is the product of passionate operators, Tara and Steve Howell who have combined the region's extraordinary natural beauty with mountain bike adventure, unique accommodation and premium Tasmanian food and wine.

Tasmania is becoming increasingly recognised across the world as a mountain biking hotspot, particularly after recently hosting the Enduro World Series.

Located within the Derby Regional Reserve the sensitively designed accommodation is a great example of combining tourism with nature conservation.

The Blue Derby Pods will support eleven new jobs and the local economy with all equipment, food and services sourced from the state's Northern region.

The Tasmanian Government will continue to strongly support our tourism industry as one of our great competitive strengths, which drives our economy and supports local jobs.