Stimulus package for Flinders Island

Peter Gutwein, Treasurer

27 March 2017

The Hodgman Government is rolling out a $100 million stimulus package across the north and north west of the State to boost the Northern Tasmanian economy and support local jobs.

Today, the Government unveiled the latest projects to be funded under the stimulus package.

The Northern Economic Stimulus is working, with the latest TCCI survey showing improved levels of business confidence in the north.

The Government is working with the Flinders Island Council to upgrade infrastructure that will benefit local residents as well as visitors to this magnificent part of the State.

The eight projects announced today will pump nearly $1.5 million into the local economy and will provide long-term benefits to the community.

The loan scheme is open for applications until the end of the week and already the response has been very positive. So far, eleven councils have applied for funding and all up applications total over $47 million.

These projects cover a range of areas including upgrading waste facilities, renovating BBQ and public toilet facilities at some of the island's most popular spots, stabilising some of the Island's roads, bridge repairs and revitalising town infrastructure.

There are positive economic signs across the north and north west and the stimulus package will build on that momentum.

The eight projects announced today are:

Rehabilitation of insitu putrescible cell 80,000
Construction of new putrescible cell 90,000
BBQ and Public Toilets at the North East River 75,000
BBQ and Public Toilets on Cape Barren Island 80,000
Whitemark township entrance enhancement 80,000
The ‘Stabilisation' of Council gravel Roads 567,000
Bridge Railings Project 350,000
Township footpath program 125,000
TOTAL COST 1,447,000