Tenders advertised for Freycinet Master Plan consultant

Matthew Groom, Minister for Environment and Parks

26 August 2017

Freycinet is one of the absolute jewels in Tasmania's crown, with locals and visitors flocking to the area in droves to experience one of the world's most stunning areas.

Visitation for Freycinet has increased to an expected 300,000 for 2017-18, which outlines its importance to the east coast as tourists spend up in local tourism businesses, shops and eateries.

It is clear that Freycinet needs a clear investment strategy that will deliver for the entire Freycinet and Coles Bay region, and I am pleased to announce tenders have been advertised today for a consultant to develop the long-term masterplan for the area.

The consultant will work with a steering committee comprised of the tourism industry, Local Government, State Government and the community to guide the development of the Master Plan to identify the necessary infrastructure upgrades to support current and future visitation.

It will consider everything from transport logistics and water supply through to sewerage management, and this tender is another vital step in ensuring that we can continue to showcase the area and improve on what's on offer.

The tender is available at www.tenders.tas.gov.au/