Supporting Cycling Friendly Business

Sarah Courtney, Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier

23 May 2017

Under the Hodgman Liberal Government our tourism industry is booming. More people are coming to our state, spending more and staying longer.

Cycling tourism in Tasmania is also on the rise.  Last year there was a 16% increase in visitors to our State who participated in cycling and an unprecedented 51% increase in mountain biking.

That is why we have partnered with the Tourism Industry Council of Tasmania to develop a Bike Friendly Business Accreditation Program.

This program will be the first of its kind in the country and will send a clear message to visitors that all forms of cycling are not only welcome but encouraged and supported.

The aim of the program is:

  • to create a community of like-minded businesses which work together to share knowledge and promote and refer each other to cycle tourists; and
  • to create a brand that resonates with cyclists and immediately generates confidence that accredited businesses will not only welcome them but be able to cater for their needs too.

This might mean special bike racks, a dedicated space to carry out repairs, the all-important bike pump and tailored information on where the cyclist can travel and visit in the safest and most scenic way.

We recently announced funding of $1 million for new trails at St Helens and bringing forward bike safety lanes for travellers along Bonnet Hill. The Hodgman Liberal Government is a bike-friendly government and we hope businesses will join us in welcoming and encouraging bicycling tourists to our state.