Upgrade for Wineglass Bay Track

Matthew Groom, Minister for Environment, Parks and Heritage

13 May 2017

The Hodgman Liberal Government is the strongest supporter of tourism and the jobs that it creates in regional Tasmania which is why we are investing in track improvements on the iconic walk to Wineglass Bay.

The Tasmanian Government has consistently invested in our much-loved national parks, and we are committed to strategic investment to ensure they reach their full tourism potential.

Freycinet is the State's most visited national park, with 286,000 visitors in 2016, with about 34 per cent of visitors to Freycinet walking to the Wineglass Bay lookout.

The Tasmanian Government is acting to provide a quality and safe experience for all who visit Freycinet, with this $500,000 upgrade of the Wineglass Bay track funded from the Tourism Infrastructure Fund provided to the Parks and Wildlife Service. The track from the lookout to Wineglass Bay beach will be constructed to improve visitor comfort and safety by providing improved step levels.

Access from the carpark to the Wineglass Bay lookout will remain open throughout the project, however the track from the lookout to Wineglass Bay beach will be closed from May 22 to September 2017 to allow helicopter movements and track construction.

Work will also be undertaken on the Hazards Beach track to repair flood damage. The track will be subject to temporary closures and short access delays during the construction period of May 22 to September.

Access to the Freycinet Peninsula by boat and walking via Hazards Beach and The Isthmus will remain open.

Access to the many other scenic Freycinet attractions such Cape Tourville, Honeymoon Bay, Richardson's Beach and the visitor centre will be unaffected by the track work on the Wineglass Bay beach track.