kunanyi/Mount Wellington Cable Car legislation Tabled

Matthew Groom, Minister for State Growth

12 September 2017

A cable car on kunanyi/Mount Wellington would be a game changer for Tasmania. It would showcase one of our most stunning natural landmarks, make the pinnacle more accessible to more people and it would create new jobs for Tasmanians.

The idea of a cable car on kunanyi/Mount Wellington has been around for over 100 years and it is time to take the next step and for a proposal to be assessed on its merits.

Accordingly, I have today tabled the Cable Car Facilitation (kunanyi/Mount Wellington) Bill 2017 in Parliament.

This legislation follows extensive public consultation and once passed will facilitate the assessment of a cable car proposal on kunanyi/Mount Wellington through the normal planning process.

To be clear:

  • The proposed laws will not change the need for any    cable car proposal to obtain all of the necessary approvals, including    those that protect Tasmania's natural environment, heritage and Aboriginal    cultural values.
  • Public land will not be sold as part of any cable car    development and kunanyi/Mount Wellington will remain public land.
  • If a cable car project does go ahead, the project will    need to stand on its own feet and be financially viable.

In presenting this legislation, the Government is facilitating sustainable and sensible tourism in the state's natural areas and also growing the economy and creating jobs. This project is another important marker in taking tourism in Tasmania to the next level. This legislation represents the most significant step forward in allowing the public to have their say on this important project in more than 100 years.