North-East Rail Trail one step closer

Rene Hidding, Minister for Infrastructure

7 March 2017

The next step towards the establishment of the North-East Rail Trail was taken today with the tabling in Parliament of a draft Corridor Notice stretching from Coldwater Creek to Tonganah.

Strongly supported by the Hodgman Liberal Government, the North-East Rail Trail was proposed by the Dorset Council and received $1.47 million under the Australian Government’s Stronger Regions Fund.

The North-East Rail Trail promises to provide a boost for tourism and recreation in Tasmania’s North-East as a key attraction for cyclists and walkers.

The Rail Trail was made possible by the Hodgman Government’s Strategic Infrastructure Corridors (Strategic and Recreational Use) Act, which enables non-operational rail corridors to be used for non-rail purposes, while protecting their strategic potential for a future return to rail usage.

The agreement of both Houses of the Tasmanian Parliament to the declaration of the North-East Line Corridor is the first step in the process to establish the Rail Trail. Assuming Parliamentary approval, consent will be provided to the Dorset Council to proceed with its development applications.

There is great potential for regional tourism, recreation and indeed tourist and heritage rail use around Tasmania’s non-operational rail network.

The Hodgman Liberal Government will continue to engage with proponents with strong business plans for non-operational rail corridors through the clarity of process that we now enjoy under our legislation.