Huge weekend for sports fans and job creation

Sarah Courtney, Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier

6 April 2017

Tasmania has reinforced itself as one of the world's must-see and must-experience destinations with three huge sports events this weekend.

The Northern Midlands is roaring to life with the Supercars in action at Symmons Plains; North-East Tasmania, and in particular Derby, is hosting Round 2 of the mountain bike Enduro World Series, and Hobart is hosting the state's first AFL roster game of the season between North Melbourne and GWS.Each of these events is supported financially by the Hodgman Liberal Government, through Events Tasmania, because we know they fill our hotels and hospitality venues, provide great value-for-money, create jobs and stimulate the economy.

The Supercars are Tasmania's biggest sports event attracting between 50-60,000 spectators during the weekend which is why we moved quickly in 2014 to secure the Series until 2019.

The Enduro World Series will see about 50 international journalists and up to 5000 competitors, support teams and spectators flood the North-East and spread the world and beam the vision internationally about our magnificent Blue Derby trails.

North Melbourne games in Hobart and Hawthorn games in Launceston are also vital in bringing visitors to the State during autumn and winter which is why we locked in those contracts until 2021.

All of these events will ensure Tasmania gets many hours of national and international television and media exposure during which further enhances our tourism message.

They also provide ready access for Tasmanians to national and world-class events without having to travel outside the State.

Tasmania's tourism offering is based around variety - from Supercar and Targa cars and AFL football through to arts, culture, mountain bikes, bush-walking tracks and also our exquisite food and beverages.

We have a target of 1.5 million visitors by 2020 and this weekend's events will be a huge boost and help spread the word.