The Unconformity

Will Hodgman, Minister for Tourism, Hospitality and Events

Elise Archer, Minister for the Arts.

Tasmania’s West Coast is the place to be this weekend with biennial arts festival, The Unconformity, kicking off today in Queenstown.

Premier Will Hodgman said, through Events Tasmania, the Liberal Government provided $900,000 to support the event in 2018, 2020 and 2022.

“Unconformity embraces the unique character and heritage of the West Coast, and is a celebration of this unique community.

“It’s a first class boutique event which draws many visitors to the West Coast, supports local businesses, and puts the limelight on the region, its places and people,” said Premier Hodgman.

Minister for Arts Elise Archer said funding of $250,000 was also secured through Arts Tasmania to provide arts activities in the Queenstown region.

“This year’s program includes visual arts, music, performance, dance and cultural celebration that all collide comfortably with local industry, landscape, and the west coast lifestyle” said Minister Archer.

The Unconformity runs from Friday, 19 until Sunday, 21 October. Further information is available from the festival website

19 October 2018