Reimagining Our Regions to drive the visitor economy in the North West

Will Hodgman, Premier & Minister for Tourism, Hospitality and Events.

Tourism experts from around Australia are heading to Tasmania’s North West to identify new opportunities to raise visitation to the region.

Led by former Tourism Australia managing director, Andrew McEvoy, a group of marketing, branding, product development, industry and investment specialists will undertake a field trip in the region next month, commencing the State Government’s new Reimagining the Regions initiative.

They will identify long-term product development and tourism infrastructure investment opportunities to encourage more people to visit the North West.

The group will work in partnership with a local project reference group to develop an action plan, assessing ideas generated from and prioritising the projects with the greatest potential.

Today’s announcement supports the excellent work undertaken recently by the Circular Head Tourism Association to develop new branding and marketing initiatives for the region.

The Tasmanian Government remains committed to harnessing our State’s competitive advantages, particularly tourism, to continue to drive growth in our economy and employment in every region.

3 April 2019