Application for Event Support

Application for Event Support

Event organisers interested in partnering with Tourism Tasmania should submit an Application for Event Support form.

In assessing applications, Tourism Tasmania considers interstate visitation, evidence of a growth strategy and/or alignment with Tasmania's tourism brand as fundamental criteria.

Tourism Tasmania will evaluate applications consistent with its current strategic priorities, upcoming campaign activity and other planned activity, which may impact the level of partnership or support offered.

Applicants will receive email acknowledgement within two working weeks of submission. This may include a request for further clarification and where applicable, a timeline for next steps.

All forms MUST be submitted online.

You can save your form at any time. An email will be sent to your email address with a link back to your uncompleted form for you to return to later.

Review the application form

We suggest you review the application form before lodging your application. This will enable you to prepare your responses in advance.

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Further information or change details

For further information or to change your details contact