There's no point in having a great business if nobody knows about it.

As part of your marketing mix, consider how to get your business in front of potential buyers - in as many ways as you can.

Ways to distribute your product

There are several ways you can distribute your product and make it easier for people to find.

To buy your product consumers can:

  • Walk in the door
  • Buy direct by phone, fax, or your website - so make sure you have a good website
  • Go to a travel agent - you'll pay commissions and you'll need a wholesaler
  • Search online travel agent websites like Wotif, Booking.com and Expedia. To learn how to get your product on these websites, see ATDW-Online.


Travel wholesalers supply travel products such as tours and accommodation packages to retail networks and other distributors. Tourism Tasmania works with wholesalers to help them distribute Tasmanian product to a wide range of retail outlets.

When working with wholesale distributors and online travel agencies, business operators must pay a commission to the partnering business however any small reduction in immediate return will be more than compensated for by the increase in turnover that such marketing attracts.


Tourism Tasmania works with retail distribution networks throughout Australia. Travel retailers source their products from wholesalers and sell them to consumers through retail outlets and online. Tourism Tasmania works with these retail partners to develop Tasmanian product and package solutions, implement cooperative marketing activities and increase the level of knowledge and information available to travel agents so they can better sell Tasmania and Tasmanian product.

See also Trade events.

Online distributors

Tourism Tasmania works in partnership with online distributors to increase the number of channels through which potential consumers can find Tasmanian products and explores creative ways to take Tasmania to the world via the web. For more information see Online Marketing.

Further information

For more information on product distribution, including how you can benefit, email trade@tourism.tas.gov.au