Tasmania's Tourism Brand

Tasmania is known nationally and internationally as a spectacularly pristine land and sea environment with a rich cultural heritage and a world-class food and wine offering. But many other destinations - New Zealand, Oregon, Alaska and a myriad of others - can claim the same.

In today's increasingly noisy market place, with all the information that bombards consumers, it's getting harder and harder to attract their attention.

Our tourism brand provides a unique way for us to talk to consumers and get our message across.

What is a brand?

A brand is the personality that identifies a product, service or company. It's the associations that people make with the product - their thoughts, feelings, perceptions, images, experiences and attitudes. It is not a tagline, though a tagline should communicate the qualities of the brand.

Tasmania - Go Behind the Scenery

Tasmania - Go Behind the Scenery is a significant milestone in the development of a new tourism brand for Tasmania and heralds the beginning of a fresh approach to the way we market the state.

The campaign weaves together the things for which Tasmania is well known, but also emphasises the behind-the-scenery experiences - the nooks and crannies, the offbeat and original, and Tasmania's natural beauty set against the brutality of its convict past - all of which are a part of our brand story.

Since the brand's inception, Tourism Tasmania has continued to explore new interpretations of the brand in each new campaign, adding increasing interest and engagement in response to research on the brand's effectiveness.

The new brand continues to provide the overall direction for the design of the campaign elements – the videos, cinema ads, print and online ads, and public affairs activities.

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