A Quiet Little...#TassieStyle

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After the Sydney to Hobart yacht race in 1969, two sailors wandered into a Hobart pub for a 'quiet little drink’ and ordered 200 beers! It quickly became an annual tradition, and for 30 years the Quiet Little Drink was where salts young and old would head post-race to raise three sheets to the wind.

Inspired by the event’s generosity of spirit and community celebration, Tourism Tasmania has developed an advocacy campaign to motivate locals and visitors to share their quiet little Tassie moments this summer.

A Quiet Little... is a subtle message which can speak to a juxtaposition of Tasmanian experiences and can embody what is different about our state and our way of life. It's humble, while cheeky and speaks to a real 'Tasmanian-ness' - this is how we do our thing - it can be literal or tongue-in-cheek.

The campaign will be activated from January to March 2019 with a marketing program that encourages locals and visitors to become advocates for the state and share the special moments of their Tassie experience through their social media accounts using #TassieStyle.

How to get involved

To find out how you can get involved download the Tourism Industry Toolkit [PDF 536KB].