Montage of images of bridge and roadMarketing your Accessibility

Word of mouth

Word-of-mouth is the best marketing you can do.

If you exceed your customers’ expectations people will talk. Let your potential customers know what accessible facilities you are able to provide.

Use the Accommodation Accessibility self-assessment form in this toolkit to create descriptions, photos and diagrams that can then be uploaded on your website or sent out to potential customers.

Working locally

Work with your local area, for example:

  • Provide current information on your level of access on your website
  • Advertise the accessibility of your business via your regional tourism organisation
  • Network with other local providers to develop packages and collaborative marketing. For example combine accessible accommodation, meals and experiences such as horse-riding and fishing. It’s all about the destination experience.
  • Provide current information of your level of access to your local Visitor Information Centre.

Marketing ideas

Consider some of the following suggestions:

  • Invite journalists to write articles for your local papers
  • Write articles for publications that reach your target market e.g. Sydney’s Child; The Wanderer; NRMA Open Road; Paraquad News, The Link
  • Don’t forget search engine optimisation by using words such as "accessibility" and "disabled access" on your website.
  • Run an event/activity on the International Day of People with a Disability (3 December); during Seniors week and during school holidays

Promote your accessibility on websites such as:

Disabled access logo use -  be careful. These logos don't always convey an accurate message and they mean different things to different people. It’s best to describe your levels of accessibility and provide photos and diagrams rather than relying on these logos.

Further information

For further marketing information see Hotel accommodation, accessible tourism and market principles [PDF 104KB]

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