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People with access requirements have the same expectation of service quality as all other customers. If your business is accessible it is one way to show that you are customer-oriented and aware of the needs of individuals. This will also be reflected in the ‘can do’ attitude of your staff.

See Missed Business [PDF 254KB]

The "Missed Business" guide was produced as a collaborative project between Marrickville Council (NSW) and the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission.


Access is not just about installing ramps and widening doors – although that is an important part of it. Access is about everything that your business does.

A business is accessible when it is:

  • Easy to find out about
  • Easily understood
  • Easy to get to
  • Easy to use.

Access is about equity and also quality – the quality of your service and the quality of your relationship with the people who use it.

Planning for good access will reap benefits for your business almost straight away.

Barriers to access

Research shows that people with access requirements want to travel, but there are many barriers to overcome. The main barrier is lack of current and accurate information upon which they can base their decisions.

"I would like to travel more in Australia but to find accessible accommodation is time consuming”

"I love traveling and when I do it makes me feel alive”.

“Traveling with a disability is a never ending nightmare, hell on earth, indescribably nerve wracking, stomach churning, unbelievably expensive experience”.

For more information see Anxiety to Access [PDF 640KB]

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