Man in wheelchairAccess to Facilities

The first step in making your business attractive to people with access needs is to assess and write up your current level of accessibility.


The following checklists will help you determine your current accessibility level:

Nican is a federally funded organisation providing information and awareness of the need for inclusion on recreation, tourism, sport and the arts for people with disabilities.

Factsheets for tourism operators

Following are resources to help you make your facilities and activities more accessible.

  • A Guide to Planning Bathrooms and Kitchens is available from the Independent Living Centre NSW. The guide is published in CD format and provides specific design ideas, tips and hints for making bathrooms and kitchens functional for everyone.

The following fact sheets are from You're Welcome, a West Australian Government initiative:

Vision impaired

Vision Australia helps those with vision impairment and has fact sheets on the needs of people who are blind or vision impaired. The fact sheets range from accessible design for homes to customer service tips.

Hearing impaired

Access ramps

The broader community

Event planning

Local Government Responsibilities under the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HEROC)

Disability Access Inclusion Plan (DAIP)

DAIPs provide a systematic approach to improve access to public transport, government administration offices, local libraries, swimming pools, etc.

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