Investment GuideTourism Investment Guide for Tasmania

The Tourism Investment Guide for Tasmania is for investors who are thinking of developing a tourism product or experience in Tasmania that involves building or construction but who may not have experience in this type of infrastructure investment.

Commissioned by Tourism Tasmania and prepared by SGS Economics and Planning, the guide includes information on product design, concept planning and planning approval and provides potential investors with the most up to date information available on Tasmanian tourism infrastructure investment.

Tasmania is successfully attracting visitors and encouraging them to stay longer and spend more. Since 2001, Tasmanian tourism has grown substantially with the number of people visiting the State increasing by 79% to 1.01 million and the amount of money they contribute to the economy almost doubling to $1.45 billion.

This kind of environment offers real opportunities for investors who are not only looking for a good financial return on their investment but also the opportunity to enjoy the unique lifestyle advantages and beautiful natural environment found only in Tasmania.

With land prices considerably less expensive than in mainland Australia, investors have further reasons to consider investing in Tasmania.

See Tourism Investment Guide for Tasmania [PDF 260KB]

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