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RSS is built into the newest versions of Internet Explorer 7.0 and above and Mozilla Firefox - simply click on the orange RSS button on this page then follow the prompts.

Older browsers

If you’re using an older browser, you’ll need to download an RSS Reader or an RSS web module.

It's easier though to simply upgrade your browser to Internet Explorer 7 or above, or the latest version of Thunderbird.

If you still wish to use an RSS reader then copy the URL from the address bar of the RSS webpage and paste it in the appropriate field in the reader.

There are RSS Readers available for different platforms. Some popular readers include:

There are also web-based RSS feed-readers available, the most popular being:

For news on a mobile device, NewsGator has RSS reader software that works in Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices.

If you already have a reader such as Google RSS Reader set up, the headlines will be delivered there as soon as we add the next news report to our website.

RSS on your bookmarks toolbar: Note that the Firefox browser has a setting that changes how you receive RSS. Go to Tools > options > applications > web feeds and from the drop down list choose 'preview in Firefox'. The alternative setting - 'add live bookmarks in Firefox' - adds the new RSS content straight to your bookmarks toolbar.

More information

Wikipedia has more information on RSS.