#TassieStyle  - Summer Advocacy Campaign

Campaign, including competition, now closed. Thank you to all those who took part.

Research shows that word of mouth is a powerful way to promote Tasmania. With nearly 250,000 visitors last summer and the same expected again this year, there's huge potential for us to harness this goodwill, so we've designed the campaign around social media.

Beginning 5 December through to 28 February, whenever a visitor or local does something distinctly Tasmanian, we want them to share their Tassie experience online.

And your involvement is critical to the campaign's success.

#TassieStyle is...

It's whatever you want it to be – an experience that is distinctly Tasmanian and shows off to the world just how unique and exciting Tassie can be. “Two-dozen oysters and a bottle of bubbles for lunch” – that's #TassieStyle. "Hanging out on the world's highest abseil" – that's #TassieStyle. Whether it's food, culture, adventure or just a day at the beach, you can do it #TassieStyle…

Campaign competition

Visitors sharing their experiences using #TassieStyle will be in the running to win one of three fantastic Tasmanian holidays, which they design for themselves, valued at up to $7500 each.

All your visitors or customers have to do is snap a photo or video and share it to social media with a caption and the #TassieStyle hashtag.

They can share on Instagram, Twitter or the Discover Tasmania Facebook Page wall with the hashtag #TassieStyle.

There are also travel vouchers valued at $500 each, courtesy of TasVacations, up for grabs throughout the competition period.

A panel will judge the prize winners on their originality and creativity with the minor prizes judged weekly from 12 December and the major prizes of a Tasmanian holiday judged at the end of the competition.

Who can play

The competition is open to Australian visitors and locals alike.

What industry can do

As the main point of contact, you're in the best position to encourage your visitors to get involved and share their experiences online.

We'll give you the materials you need to promote the campaign to your guests, customers and clients, free of charge, including posters, badges, door hangers and more.

You can also download digital assets for your websites and newsletters including a banner and body copy for your Electronic Direct Messages (EDMs), videos and images for your social posts.

We know this is a busy time of year, so we've designed the campaign to pretty much run itself once it's set up with little or no demand on your time.

Of course, we'll also be working with our other partners including Tasmania's regional tourism organisations, the Tourism Industry Council Tasmania and the Tasmanian Hospitality Association to get the word out.

Benefits for your business

This is a great way for operators to gain widespread exposure of their product and region to a large domestic audience of potential customers and increase sales.

Encouraging travellers to share their experiences gives operators the potential to have their product seen by hundreds of thousands of future consumers. More shares means more exposure and more exposure means more visitors.

If you're interested in getting involved, we'll work with you to give you the materials you need to encourage your guests to share their experiences using the hashtag - #TassieStyle.

That's all there is to it.


Best of all, there's no cost to participate.

We'll send you everything you need to promote #TassieStyle at your business, free of charge. Just let us know what you want through our online order form and we'll post it out to you.

Alternatively drop into one of Tasmania's Tourist Information Centres and pick up a selection of collateral that suits your needs.

Order collateral

Use the campaign collateral to promote #TassieStyle at your business. You can order campaign posters, table talkers, door hangers or badges and we'll post it out to you or you can pick up a selection of collateral from one of Tasmania's Tourist Information Centres.

Industry kit

We also have an industry kit with a selection of digital assets for free download.

Frequently Asked Questions

Further information

For further information on our #TassieStyle summer advocacy campaign email socialmedia@tourism.tas.gov.au

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