Grants and Funding

There are a number of grants and funding programs available for tourism businesses from the federal and state governments and in some cases from local councils.

Grants are available to tourism operators looking to expand their business, for research and development and for innovation and exporting.

The following websites offer information on grants and funding to assist tourism developments at a State and Commonwealth level.

Australian Business Gateway – Grants and Assistance Programs

Grants and other funding programs are available from the federal, state and territory governments and in some cases from local councils. Generally there are no grants available for starting a business. However, there are grants and other assistance available for business activities such as expanding your business, research and development, innovation and exporting.

W: Australian Business Gateway

Climate Connect Community Grants

The objective of the ClimateConnect program is to assist local communities, households and individuals to work together to find climate change solutions.

W: Climate Connect

Events Tasmania Grants

Events Tasmania provides grants to private business, clubs, associations and community groups.Two grant catagories are available - New Event Ideas and Small Event Projects.

W: Events Tasmania

Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal

The FRRR works to strengthen the economic and social strength of Australia’s regional, rural and remote communities through partnerships with the private and public sectors. The grants program offers support to small rural Australian communities.


Grants Link

This website will help source funding available under a variety of Commonwealth Grant programs for individuals, businesses and communities to help you to develop solutions to local and national problems, fund ideas and initiatives or provide assistance in times of hardship.

W: Grants link

Tasmanian Department of State Growth

This provides access to the current list of the department programs available.

W: Grants and funding

Regional Development Australia

Regional Development Australia (RDA) replaces the national network of Area Consultative Committees (ACCs).

W: Regional Development Australia

Tasmanian Community Fund

This fund provides grants to community organisations that make a difference by enhancing well-being and improving social, environmental and economic outcomes for the Tasmanian Community. The Board conducts both general and targeted programs.

W: Tasmanian Community Fund

21 April 2015