About Us

Tourism Tasmania is the Tasmanian Government’s tourism marketing agency.


Tourism Tasmania works to create demand for travel to Tasmania by connecting people culturally and emotionally to the state through domestic and international marketing programs that lead and activate the Tasmanian tourism brand.

Marketing partnerships

To support its marketing programs, Tourism Tasmania also enters into commercial marketing partnerships with domestic and international carriers, travel retailers and brand partners, to facilitate the sharing and promotion of Tasmanian tourism experiences and stimulate holiday sales and bookings to Tasmania.

Working with stakeholders

Tourism Tasmania  plays an important part in achieving the government and tourism industry’s shared T21 Visitor Economy Strategy goal to grow the state’s visitor economy and attract 1.5 million visitors a year to Tasmania by 2020.

It works closely with the Department of State Growth and other government agencies and non-government stakeholders responsible for ensuring the growth of Tasmania’s visitor economy is matched with the supply of adequate air and sea access, new tourism experiences, accommodation and infrastructure, and a suitably skilled workforce.

Regional tourism

It also supports the state’s four regional tourism organisations, encouraging a strong regional tourism sector able to undertake industry development, capacity-building and tourism marketing programs for their regions. 

Travel information

Travel information for visitors is provided through Tourism Tasmania's official travel website www.discovertasmania.com.au.

Tasmania's tourism industry

Tourism in Tasmania directly and indirectly contributes around $2.55 billion or 9.9% to Gross State Product with a direct contribution of $1.17 billion (around 4.6%) and an indirect contribution of a further $1.38 billion (around 5.3%).

Tasmania's tourism industry is made up of around 2100 separate businesses and directly and indirectly supports around 36 700 jobs in Tasmania or about 15.3% of total Tasmanian employment.